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Are you fond of fishing?

Joe Holleman, I may not be an expert but I have certainly logged many hours in my kayaks all over the east coast. I hope ...

Answered Oct 28, 2016

I would say Fond is an understatement.
Fishing is about so much more than catching fish, For many of us, it is like combining all of the beneficial mental aspects of napping, yoga, meditating, and recharging those important mental batteries into a day or weekend on the water.

One of my favorite things about fishing of any sort is the even playing field we are all on. The fish are smarter than us all, it doesn't matter if you are black, white, gay , straight, trans, democrat, republican, or libertarian. The camaraderie amongst fishermen and women is a page in a book so many folks should take the time to read! There is a great quote about this very thing by Herbert Hoover.
"Fishing is a... discipline in the equality of men - for all men are equal before fish."

To be fond of fishing, you need not be wealthy or have extravagant gear, in fact, true wealth is the joy and peace you feel when you find the perfect spot on the water and feel as one with your surroundings. Whether you are in a kayak fishing the flats, on a offshore boat trolling the Gulf Stream, or fishing the beautiful cypress stained black water on the banks of the North Carolina's Outer Banks sounds, you will feel as though you are the king of the world.

Being the sap of a man I am, I consider the word FISH to be an acronym.
F- Finding
I- Inspirational
S- Soulful
H- Healing
We should all fish more and work less!

“Three-fourths of the Earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn. “
~Chuck Clark
Cheers and don't catch 'em all!

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Bill Qian, studied at Huaibei Normal University

Answered Dec 20

Yes,i do like fishing since i am a little boy, and my dad love it very much too.

Now i am working at a fishing tackles company, and this job help me become more and more interested in fishing, and i know more skills about fishing.

If you are interested in fishing, you can have a look at my blogger, there has many suggestions for fishing lovers. Fishing Tackle

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Answered Nov 1, 2016

Hi, my name is Mirko. I am fishing since childhood, in fact I am fishing since I can remember (I am 34 now). I mainly hunt the wild waters, mostly carp. I love fishing so much, that when I am not by the river,I am thinking about it. My father infected me with fishing when I was child, and I will never ever stop fishing - fishing is not an escape for me, it’s where I belong. So, this question cannot be serious for me 🙂

In fact I started small blog about carp fishing, check it out at Fish Warriors

Hope you will like it !

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James Austin

Answered Mar 8

yes . My MOM tells me , I am a fisher man. I spent my whole vacation in fishing. because of my fishing love , my family members also love fishing, we called us a fisher family. I make a website about fishing. In my website I try to write my Experience and some tips about best fishing


Jess H. Brewer, frustrated fisherman mourning the collapse of fisheries worldwide

Answered Oct 26, 2016

I was, when there were still fish.

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The Classic Barn Company, Founder (2000-present)

Answered Mar 20

Fishing is a wonderful pastime as it resets the mind, spirt and soul. Its an excellent activity to encourage children to take up as it teaches them a lot about being around nature.

As children we used to spend the whole weekend night fishing and camping out. Even through the winter and this holds my fondest memories. Kept us out of trouble and engaged with nature.

These days in some countries the shops are filled with processed food and it is difficult to maintain a healthy diet, so fishing to eat well adds another beneficial dimension - this is more suited to sea fishing.

All in all its exciting, relaxing and once your hooked your be fishing for life ; )


Harold Winter, I love fishing, I usually go fish with my friend every week on summer, winter.

Answered Oct 24, 2016

yeah, I love fishing, especially ice fishing. 🙂