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What is the best boat for deep sea fishing?

Kim Curtis

Answered Apr 9, 2015

Mikelson Yachts are known to be incredible deep sea fishing boats and have won many fishing tournaments. I don't think you can get a better yacht for the money... very efficient too!


Christina Routh

Answered Mar 21

The answer of this question depends on various things. It is not possible to answer a specific boat name.Budget is a thing that you should mentioned to get better answer of this question.I have found an article where you will get detailed information about the top fishing kayak.You can checkout this article.Hope you will get the answer.Here is the article: Best Deep Sea Boat


Madam Mildred

Answered May 14, 2016

Some people have habit for catching fish from river and sea. In your tour to Zanzibar there are many opportunity of the interesting game. Enjoy catch fishing along other activities. Deep Sea Fishing



Answered May 13, 2015

It completely depends on the kind of fishing you want to do and in what location you want to fish. It also depends on your budget. There is no perfect answer to this question without knowing more detail. Do you need to get out to the fishing grounds quickly? Do you need to fish on the surface or below the surface? Do you usually have calm seas or rough seas? Do you usually have rain or sun? Warmth or cold weather? Trolling or bottom fishing? Will you be overnight or just day fishing? How many people will be fishing most of the time? Consider these questions and then speak with several local dealers and fishermen before making your call. 🙂