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Iā€™m Alex and i was 31 years old and was born in America from an American father and a French mother. I lived in my childhood and my youth in America and I knew the Canoe boat since I was a youngster. My father loved this sport and encouraged me to love it. I always accompanied him on his trips and when he went fishing in Canoe boat..

At the age of 17, my friend and I took part in the purchase of our own small boat. I practiced this sport continuously and learned all its techniques and secrets. After 6 years I accumulated experiences and experiences at the age of 24. Special for Canoe in Ireland. And after I thought about the subject and agreed to introduce it and went to Ireland and founded the club and became very famous. There in the Netherlands I met Lisa.



Hi …

I am 28 years old. I was born in London from an English mother and an American father. I spent the first 5 years in England and then went with my father to Brazil because my father had a professional career in Brazil. In Brazil and in the Amazon Valley, And I was involved in one of the clubs of Canoe learned his techniques and rules and I continue to practice this sport in the club until my father bought me a boat that I loved very much. And I joined with my friends in the competitions and activities in the open spaces and after 3 years and exactly when I was 18 years old, my father’s mission in Brazil ended, my dear boat disappeared and we went to America. And there I did not find suitable spaces for the sport of Canoe I participated in one of the swimming clubs where I was trained constantly and hard to become a high level and participated in several local and regional competitions. At the age of 23, I became a junior coach within the club. After a year I was selected to participate in a tournament in Ireland and there in Ireland I met with Alex.

Here I will speak on behalf of Lisa



We met in Ireland in 2012 in a water sports competition. I met Lisa by chance. After talking about Canoe and kayak, I saw her high level of swimming. She offered to work with us at the club and help us to organize and manage the club. Unfortunately she had commitments with her club in American. I continued to contact her and after 6 months of negotiations she can be offered and moved to Ireland and engaged with us in the club and a year later we got married and had a beautiful child Lisa mentioned the share of the Irish charity in the club and we have the club Alex and Lisa become a club specialized in the canoe and diving, We are in a lucrative activity and after 3 years we have achieved material freedom and we have enough time to practice our favorite sport I love kayak and lisa like to swim our project for a tour of 20 coastal countries we visited india and japan and we will end this tour in the next 5 years suggested top Lisa create a website to share our information And our experiences with the world and at the same time we are writing a book talking about the laws of sports 4 and bases in the countries we will visit these sports are diving swimming ….

The goal of this site is to spread knowledge and new techniques and to exchange ideas between beginners, beginners and professionals, and everyone has the right to publish his own experiences on this site, just send what you want to publish to our email, and after 24 hours will be Publish Your Experience in the site for the benefit of visitors to the site across the world . Click here go homepage