Canoe – what is Canoe of the north? Second Type Of Canoe


what is Canoe of the north?

The canoe  nord (French: “canoe of the north”), a craft specifically made and tailored for quick journey, was the workhorse of the fur alternate transportation machine. about one-half of the scale of the Montreal canoe, it could carry approximately 35 packs weighing forty one kg (ninety lb) and became manned by way of fourto eight men. it is able to be carried with the aid of guys and become portaged inside the upright role.


The express canoe

The express canoe or canot léger, was about 4.6 m (15 feet) long and had been used to carry people, reviews, and news.

The birch bark

The birch bark canoe become used in a 6,500 kilometres



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