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GPS for Kayakers and Canoeists !

Kayaking / Canoeing and GPS

GPS for kayakers and Canoeists - considerations like topographical mapping capabilities, 2-way radio capacity, car navigation overlay, It's easy to accomodate these features for your own use!New Application aspects.

Whether it's paddling lakes, rivers, rapids, sea and coast or for long journeys, a GPS is a useful travel companion. Worldwide mapping (for street, topography, ocean charts) is available in our stock and by Special Order. And GPS Central can offer expertise and friendly advice.

The future uses of GPS

The future uses of GPS

The future uses of GPS

The future uses of GPS are limited only by one’s imagination.Many of the present Uses were described in various articles written as early as 1982 When this new system first demonstrated that high accuracies are achievable.

With the reduction of equipment costs and the complete satellite coverage,many more application will develop.This includes terrestrial,marine,and aviation applications .

Next generation GPS satellites :

The 21 Block IIR satellites are under construction,while the Block IIF or follow-on satellites are presently being desgned.these next generation satellites will have many improvements over the present Block II/IIA satellites to make the system more independent.this capability will allow the satellites to essentially position themselves without extensive ground tracking.The advantages of thes satellite are :

·Navigation accuracy is maintained for six months without ground support.Not survivable control and no user modifications are required.

·*Uplink jamming concers are minimized.

·*One upload per spacecraft per month instead of one or even more per day is performed.

·*Need for overseas stations to support navigation uploads is reduced.

·*Improved navigation accuracy is achieved.

The features mainly benefit the military use of the system,since civilians will still be required to provide their own ephemerides for accurate surveys.