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Why do people find stand up paddleboarding (SUP) so appealing?

Chase Kosterlitz,

Professional stand up paddler and business operator.

Stand up paddle boarding is appealing to many different people for many different reasons. Here are just a few

Answered Feb 24, 2011

Stand up paddle boarding is appealing to many different people for many different reasons. Here are just a few. It is a great workout, it offers a unique standing perspective on the water, you can surf a SUP, you can compete in SUP races, you can put your dog on the front and go for a paddle, you can put a cooler full of beer on the front and go for a paddle, celebrities do it, and the list goes on.

The standing perspective offers a full body workout and a unique way to paddle that is different from any other paddle crafts (canoes, kayaks, ect...) Hope this helps!


Jon White, Mainly lake cruising in Seattle                                                 Answered Jan 14, 2012

Reasons I SUP:
1) for a cardio alternative to running in the summer on the lake
2) with friends, a cooler of beers and rope to tie up
3) in the waves when at the ocean, great fun when you catch a wave

Shawn Graft, Technology Evangelist

Answered Aug 6, 2012

Answered Jan 14, 2012SUPing allows people to experience the thrill of surfing, without having to be an ultra-powerful swimmer. Since it engages large muscle groups, including your abs, lats and tri/bi-ceps, it is a true full-body workout. It puts the athlete above the water and in a position to observe distance waves as they roll towards them. Stand Up Paddlng can transfer to lakes, rivers, seas and canals. It can be used as a exploration vessel - near coastal areas typically reached by canoes. It is a great all-around workout and there are many, many ways to enjoy this sport.


Katie Crafts, Polar Expedition Leader and Naturalist

Answered Mar 15, 2011

Congrats! Paddleboarding/Stand Up Paddle/SUP may possibly change your life for the better, give you memorable experiences, improve your health, and make you new friends

I think the accessibility of the sport is a big draw- anybody of any athletic ability can SUP anywhere, from Kansas to Maui. When you compare it to similar sports like surfing or windsurfing- both of which tend to create "Wind Widows"- it's a very couples- and family-friendly sport. Depending on where you live and what your fitness level is, you can make it a fun family outing, or a high-intensity workout. It's like biking- it's accessible to anyone, from recreational families to elite athletes.


Answered Jul 10, 2016

Dakotah Walker,

Reasons to SUP

In Maine there isn't really an abundance of waves to catch surf, typically when it's decent out we'd rather go out with the regular boards. With that said, there are plenty of activities for SUP-related fun in the realm of touring and exercise.

1.) Just about anyone can get up and have a good time on a larger board. From age 11 to 80, it's a great low-impact alternative to running or walking for aerobic exercise. The shorter learning curve allows for all ages and abilities to have fun on the water.

2.) Exercise. In addition to a good cardio workout, it's a relatively mild anerobic workout that saves your joints, and is excellent for strengthening stability muscles. Lastly, standing on a SUP board is a great method of building functional strength throughout the body - upper (rowing) and lower (balance).

3.) Exploring. Maine has a pretty incredible coastline that is sometimes difficult to get to by boat or car. We often drop in on tide river beds and cruise marshes, paddle around coves, or even out to nearby islands.

4.) Fishing. I'm not much of an angler, but I've convinced a buddy that he could fish off one of my SUP boards. Sure enough, he caught a seabass out of the Spurwink River in Scarborough, Maine.

I'll admit, it's not the most exhilarating thing to do compared to riding head-level waves on a normal surf board. Considering it's versatility, I think a SUP would be a pretty wise purchase. Plus, how could you not have fun with a few buddies leisurely cruising down a river with a dry bag full of sodas strapped to the nose?

It's a lot of fun! I like having the actual paddles to push (you can do traditional paddleboarding


Ed Philbrick, studied at San Diego State University

Answered Feb 26, 2016

The perspective of looking down into the water is fun way to see marine life. You can also see waves and sets earlier to give you time to get into position or find the peak. The standing position is ergonomically/posturally correct and healthy.
You can tour around and find the best wave or smooth water.


Kimberly ErskineCONSETCTEUR

Answered Apr 21, 2014

It's a lot of fun! I like having the actual paddles to push (you can do traditional paddleboarding, too which requires you to lay on the board and paddle with your hands). I think it's a really refreshing sport as well. I love being outdoors and in the water and this sport relaxes me and empowers me. I found this infographic                                                                                                             which I think explains the appeal of paddleboarding very well.



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